We are a Finnish industry association strengthening the conditions of doing business in learning and education technology!

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Educational technology is a rapidly growing business

Edtech is a young but rapidly growing business around the world. Globally it already exceeds the government budget of Finland. The industry is growing at a pace of over 21% yearly measured by the growth of revenue.

There are about 300 edtech companies in Finland. Most of us are still small but we’re hungry to grow. Together, we have an excellent opportunity to make Finland the trail-blazer in the field of learning and educational technology, thanks to pedagogical knowhow, technology expertise and business-friendly environment.

Edtech Finland to strengthen the growing field

Edtech Finland association (or in Finnish Oppimisteknologia ry) was founded in Spring 2019 and we warmly invite new members to join us!

We are working to strengthen the conditions of doing business in learning and education, for instance by improving public tender practices and spreading user-driven co-creation. We’re also working to highlight the role of edtech in education policy as an enabler of equality in education and as an evangelist of Finnish brand around the world.

Heini Karppinen, Tj / CEO


Heikki Rusama, Vpj / vice-chair
Riku Alkio