Mikä on Edtech Finland?

Olemme oppimisteknologia-alan yhdistys. Ajamme jäsenyritystemme etua ja edistämme koko toimialan kehitystä.

Tutustu jäsenyrityksiin virtuaalisessa esittelyhuoneessa


10 Monkeys

Fun and motivating math games designed for elementary school students and early learners.

3D Bear

Easy-to-use AR learning app and lesson plans provide you and your students with the opportunity to design and create in Augmented Reality.


Four Ferries offers solutions for hybrid learning in mathematics and STEM education. The communication between teachers and students is enhanced with digital math tools, and a unique math checker for middle school to university level mathematics.

Alfons Education

The Alfons Education learning management system is designed in cooperation with dozens of Finnish teachers and pedagogy professionals. The worlds best teaching and education has been evolved to an easy-to-use digital learning environment.

Annie advisor

We help improve students' well-being and prevent dropouts with a bot that finds students who need support early.


We are a research project developing a multilingual platform for students and teachers. We have many subjects connected to the curriculums and also developed with evidens/research. It is mainly for students in grade 4-9 but it is used for younger and older students as well. In the platform there are animated short lessons with subtitles and voices in different languages to ensure the learning and also to prepare for the new languages. As a multi modal tool we support the learning.


Claned is your digital learning platform. It’s the online classroom where you create effective online courses for any purpose, from corporate training to university classes. Add your course materials, invite your learners and you’re ready to start.


Code School Finland revolutionizes how teachers teach digital skills. We provide teaching materials for cross-curricular K-12 technology projects and teacher upskilling online.


We export Finnish education to reduce 40 times the cost of private tutoring and drop out of schools in Arab speaking countries in Middle East starting from Iraq. We package the content in gamified mobile application that fit to context of emerging markets infrastructures.


Desku on digitaalinen työpöytä, joka helpottaa oppilaiden ja koulun henkilökunnan arkea. Se on rooleja tukeva pilvipohjainen työkalu. Deskun avulla koulun toimintaan liittyvät palvelut, sovellukset ja keskeiset dokumentit jaetaan helposti loppukäyttäjille yhteen näkymään, roolien mukaan

Education Alliance Finland

Education Alliance Finland provides a product evaluation & certification service based on global quality standard for learning solutions.


Engaging and fun exercises that improve learning results and decrease math anxiety.

Elias Robot

Elias Robot helps students to learn languages by using AI, speech recognition and real conversations.


Valmennustiimi Eximia Oy –Eximian ydintehtävä on yksinkertainen: tahdomme auttaa sinua saavuttamaan unelmasi ja yltämään parhaimpaasi läpi lukiokoulutuksen aina korkeakoulujen valintakokeisiin saakka.


Frank Students provides national and local student discounts to 200 000 students and ID solutions to students, companies and schools. We offer a mobile app and an API for ID.


When teachers connect, great things can happen. Freeed is a global discovery platform for teachers to connect, discuss and share resources and teaching tips.


An early childhood education and care content developer and brand. Cool collaborations, free for end-users, for example: www.thisworks.fi and www.suojellaanlapsia.fi/en/stop-slow-go. Showcasing this time the Fun Academy Parent Program:

Funzi logo


Quick and easy way for upper level students to learn practical skills to improve personal and professional life, right on the mobile.

Fuzu logo


No.1 guide to careers and jobs in Africa Tired with job boards? Join millions of professionals and boost your growth with best career tools and job recommendations in Africa.

Grapho Game

GraphoGame is an academically researched learning app, game and methodology for teaching kindergarten and primary school children early literacy skills in many languages.


Happia on innovatiivinen ikiliikkuja, jolle on sydämen asia hyvinvoiva koulu- ja päiväkotipäivä sekä innostavaa urasuunnittelua ja hyvinvoivaa työelämää edistävien taitojen valmentaminen.

HEI Schools

HEI Schools provides cutting-edge educational solutions for kindergartens, preschools and teachers based on Finland's famous education system.


ILT Education is a market-leading supplier of educational tools with a focus on students with multilingual abilities, reading and writing difficulties, and emergent literacy for young children.

Innoduel logo


Method Innoduel is a way to co-create, where people's participation is respected and valued. Instead of top-down, we tackle organizational development projects bottom-up giving the stage to the individual. Our Innoduel co-creation tool helps us to create value from the individual ideas for the organization's benefit.

Kide Science

The Kide platform gives teachers the resources and confidence to teach inquiry-based activities with story-based lesson plans to children ages 3-8. Chosen as the best learning solution from Finland.


Kindiedays Pedagogical Management Solution supports the whole learning process based on Finnish best practices and adapted to the local needs. Engages families with live journals and portfolios.


Kodarit is the largest private programming school in Finland. We are proud to have offered a challenge to children, teenagers and adults to dive in into the world of coding in a fun and visually comprehensive way since 2015.

Language Clubhouse

A solution for early childhood education to teach English as a second language in a playful and interactive way. Our digital learning resource equips educators with a high-quality pedagogical plan and teaching materials.


Luo laadukkaita testejä ja laskureita Leadoon avulla – etkä enää missaa yhtäkään keskustelua. Luo mielenkiintoisia ja sitouttavia testejä, kyselyitä ja laskureita Leadoon avulla.

LessonApp logo


LessonApp is an innovative mobile tool for teachers to design, store and share their lessons and improve their pedagogical knowledge. LessonApp offers the Basic version of the tool free of charge. Language versions available!


Linguajoy offers immersive and engaging language courses for children aged 2-14 years, in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Through our exciting, multi-sensory curriculum, children can genuinely explore and learn new languages.

Loru Games logo

Loru Games

Are you tired of teaching the same list of questions over and over again? Would you like to see the progress of the students right away without stressful and time-consuming tests? Games for Chromebooks!

Lola Panda

Lola Panda has created Lola’s Learningland, the happiest place to learn to read and count! Children ages 3-6 can now enjoy hundreds of fun Lola games and learning activities, all in one App!


Mafy on sähköisen oppimisen edelläkävijä Sähköiset oppimateriaalit ja valmennuskurssit


Mehackit offers free online art and technology courses, professional development training in phenomenon-based teaching of creative technology, and participatory workshops for museums and events.


Mightifier is a social-emotional learning (SEL) and character development program based on decades long research. All-in-one supporting growth: engaging professional training, adaptable SEL curricula, positive character profiles and actionable data and insights.


The world’s most accessible online education — trusted by governments, business leaders, and close to one million working professionals. We help you prepare for the future of work.


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Moomin Language School

Moomin Language School’s digital language learning service and research-based method help young children learn a foreign language in a fun and stress-free way.


MoovKids is a unique online movement curriculum focusing on the physical development of three to seven year old children as well as children and adults with special needs

Music Fairytales

Musical worlds that touch the soul We create a safe place for children around the world to practice their emotional skills through classical music and visual storytelling.

New Nordic School

New Nordic Schools is transforming current systems of education. Our K-12 educational system empowers all students to explore their natural creativity


Teemme digitaalisia palveluita ja tuotteita innovoinnista suunnitteluun ja toteutukseen. Toteutamme web-palvelusi, mobiilisovelluksesi tai sulautetun ratkaisusi ideastasi lähtien parhailla tekniikoilla.


Opopassi on innostava työkalu oman tulevaisuuden suunnitteluun. Keräämällä opopisteitä omaan Opopassiisi suoritat samalla lukion OP2-kurssin/ opintojakson. Opopassi koostuu kaikille yhteisistä osioista ja yksilöllisistä jatko-opintopoluista.


Polkuni is a Helsinki and Hong Kong based hands-on investment and activation company. We boost the most passionate entrepreneurs to succeed in the developing markets of Asia.

Promentor solutions

Promentor tarjoaa palveluita yrityksille, oppilaitoksille, kouluille ja päiväkodeille. Päätuotteemme ovat Promentor Web ja Moomin Language School, joiden avulla kuka tahansa voi opiskella kieliä itsenäisesti netissä milloin ja missä tahansa.


Qridi introduces learners and teachers to look at learning and progress as a group and as individuals. Learning is planned and monitored under the teacher’s guidance, future skills are strengthened and personal strengths identified. The learning journey is recorded and made visible with the help of different functionalities. The resulting data acts as an instrument for dialogue in learning.

Rastor instituutti

Rastor-instituutti's services of developing skills and employment will transform objectives to everyday activities, and everyday activities to outcomes in the bottom line.

Reactored logo


Reactored is an effective online training platform focused on languages. Teach and learn interactively on all devices. Reactored licence provides ready-made materials for 10 languages and it's used in all educational levels from K-12 to adult- / workforce education.


Teaching Enjoy teaching with RealGame, a versatile and engaging business simulation game! Universities and university colleges apply RealGame to teaching key aspects of business administration, production management, logistics, enterprise information systems, business communication, management accounting, and more.

SAM corporation

Sam Corporation is a new media education company which offers/provides plenty of opportunities for storytelling and interactivity. We Creator, developed by Sam Corporation, is an educational program that helps you to make your own stories through image cards.


School Day is the best tool for K12 schools and districts to support student wellbeing and social-emotional learning. School Day asks students questions about their wellbeing, analyzes the data, and provides real-time insight. When students feel good, they learn better.


Turn your lesson plans into an interactive online game in minutes. With Seppo, you can implement pedagogy into an engaging online learning experience.

Silta Education

In a one-month neuroscience-based online training, we make you focus. You learn to affect your concentration, build your optimal working environment, set goals that motivate you and make stress your friend.

Skillgrower logo


SkillGrower is a comprehensive math solution created by Finnish teachers. It is the preferred learning method for teachers and students alike in-class and remotely.


Sumo Edu is a platform for teachers, a complete creative toolkit of 8 easy to use applications supported with suggested lesson plans.

TCD logo

TCD Consulting and Research

Utilize data to achieve better decision-making and business operations in your company. With TCD solutions, you will gain access to real-time information needed to further develop your business.


TinyApp - worlds’ smartest pedagogical assistant for teachers. TinyApp assists you in planning and sharing learning materials with parents and children.


TypingMaster is a developer of keyboarding solutions that will take your students from beginner level all the way to touch typing mastery.


Studying is challenging enough without having to juggle dozens of channels and services. The unique Tuudo app is a one-stop shop for everything students need for the successful completion of their studies.


Upiopi gives your children a joy-filled after-school learning experience. Upiopi gives your kids hands-on learning right in the comfort of your home. Every program is live and guided by our highly qualified coaches from Finland.


Make the Visual Impact on Your Business! Visual solutions provide engaging and fun experiences for users. Interactive, even gamified, content will help increase a better understanding of your organization’s processes, procedures and products.

Yh Traininng

ALL YOU NEED IN YOUR E-LEARNING PROJECT With us, you can engage your target audience, create eLearning with an impact and measure its effectiveness

Edtech on nopeasti kasvava ala

Oppimis- ja koulutusteknologia on uusi, mutta nopeasti kasvava liiketoiminta-alue maailmassa. Globaalin Edtech-markkinan koko on jo samaa luokkaa Suomen valtion budjetin kanssa. Lisäksi ala kasvaa yritysten liikevaihdolla mitattuna yli 20% vuodessa. 

Suurin osa n. 300 suomalaisesta alan yrityksestä on vielä pieniä, mutta kasvuhalukkuutemme on suurta. Yhdessä meillä on erinomainen mahdollisuus tehdä Suomesta edelläkävijämaa oppimis- ja koulutusteknologian alueella.


Edtech Finlandista toimialan keskeinen vaikuttaja

Edtech Finland -toimialayhdistyksen (Oppimisteknologia ry) perustivat parikymmentä alan vaikuttajaa toukokuussa 2019. Kaikki suomalaiset alan yritykset ovat lämpimästi tervetulleita mukaan jäseniksi!

Tavoitteena on kasvattaa Edtech Finlandista toimialan keskeinen vaikuttaja, joka voi yhdessä kumppaniensa kanssa tarjota jäsenyrityksille apua mm. liiketoiminnan kehittämisessä, koulutusviennissä ja arvovaltapalveluissa mahdollistaen toimialan kasvun ja näkyvyyden julkisten toimijoiden rinnalla.


Heini Karppinen, Tj / CEO


Jarmo Tanskanen, Pj / Chair


Heikki Rusama, Vpj / vice-chair

Jussi Simolin kuva

Jussi Simolin, Secretary

Riku Alkio

Miska Noponen kuva

Miska Noponen

Kari Savolainen

Rakennamme Edtech ekosysteemiä yhdessä kumppaniverkoston kanssa​


Heini Karppinen, CEO

heini (@) edtechfinland.com

+358 40 755 1803

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